Non-Driving Tips That Can Give Teens Inexpensive Auto Insurance

1 February 2018
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Since teenagers are some of the most dangerous drivers on the road, they attract some of the highest auto insurance rates. Any driver, including a teenager, can enjoy low premiums if they keep a clean driving history and drive for just a few miles every year. However, the nature of your driving isn't the only thing that affects your auto insurance rates. Here are some non-driving tips to help you enjoy inexpensive rates:

Buy the Right Car

The first thing is to buy the right car as far as inexpensive coverage is concerned. A car is inexpensive to insure if:

·         Those who own it haven't reported a common issue

·         Its owners don't make frequent claims

·         It is not a thief magnet

·         It has strong safety features

·         Its typical driver is a safe driver; for example, family drivers are considered safer than younger, unmarried drivers

Therefore, any teen wishing to buy a cheap car should research the factors above, among others, and buy one which is inexpensive to insure.

Get Good Grades in School

Many auto insurance companies offer good student auto insurance discounts. Each insurance carrier determines what they mean by a "good" student, but it generally means that you should maintain a 3.0 (B) grade point average. The discounts are typically targeted at those under the age of 25 and are in high school or college/university. Ask your insurance carrier about the discount if you don't know about it already but think you qualify for it.

Stick to the Parent's Policy

For most teenagers, sticking to the parent's policy is one of the easiest and best ways of enjoying low insurance rates. This will allow you to leverage the relationship your parents have with their auto insurance carrier, your parent's good driving history, and your parent's auto insurance discounts, among other things. In addition, you may also enjoy multi-car coverage discount that you wouldn't enjoy if you got a separate coverage from your

Eliminate Some Coverage

Lastly, you can also lower your insurance rates even further by eliminating some coverage that may not be necessary for your case. For example, instead of paying for the more expensive comprehensive coverage, you can stick to collision and liability coverage. Evaluate all the pros and cons of eliminating different coverage before cutting out any of them.

Hopefully, you will be able to use the above tips to enjoy reasonable insurance rates. Talk to your parents and insurance agent for more tips on what you can do to manage your rates.

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